Anicom’s Strength

6 reasons for No.1 pet insurance

Fortunately, Anicom insurance is achieving No.1 market share in Japanese pet insurance market, and achieving overwhelming market share. We introduce 6 reasons for it.

  • Estimated by numbers of new policies which each company reports in 2019.Fuji Keizai CO.,Ltd.: Overview of Pet-related Sector Marketing in 2020

(1) Overwhelming customer convenience

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We were the first company to establish an over-the-counter (OTC) settlement system for animals in Japan, allowing policyholders to pay only uncovered amounts out of pocket simply by presenting their insurance card at the hospital (similar to the National Health Insurance system). “Ease of use”, therefore is Anicom Insurance's greatest strength. The number of animal hospitals accepting Anicom insurance is over 6,500 (more than 50% of all animal hospitals in Japan), far exceeding our competitors. Also, by installing OTC system, we reduced the administrative cost about one tenth. Of the annual over 3 million claims we receive, roughly 85% are settled over the counter, resulting in high business efficiency. Even if policy holders can not use OTC system, we provide insurance claim services using LINE first in Japan, increasing insurance convenience more.

(2) Sales capability covering all of Japan

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Our largest channel is the channel targeting newborn animals (NB) sold through pet shops. We have concluded agency agreements with over 2,000 major pet shops nationwide to sell pet insurance, acquiring 80% of annual new policies via NB channel.
Also, we sell our policies via general channel, which targets dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and ferrets which are already owned by households (approximately 18.5mn nationwide). In addition to online sales via our website, our policies are sold by agents and over the counter by financial institutions. (*principle agents: Sony Assurance, Asahi Mutual Life Insurance, Benesse Corporation, Yanase, regional co-operatives, regional banks, and shinkin banks.)

(3) One sixth of us are veterinarians

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Over 100 veterinarians are working at Anicom Group (as of December 31, 2020), meaning that Anicom is one of the companies where the most veterinarians work in Japan. Harnessing this expert group, we aim to develop an unique underwriting system which competitors can not imitate and improve the quality of assessment. Also, aiming at linking brand of “reliability” generated by veterinarians to customer services, we offer a service which allows policyholders to consult veterinarians using telephones and LINE. Moreover, they contribute to developing the veterinary medicine industry with their specialty by extracting and analyzing illness statistics, doing researches about genes and microbiota, conducting conference presentations, submitting treatises for journals, holding seminars for veterinarians. We are actively recruiting diverse professionals such as physicians, MDs, experts in agricultural science, the law, CPAs, actuaries and graphic designers.

(4) Customer services get close to pets

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We are trying to expand services which put pets’ health first. For example, we provide a service which allows policyholders to feel free to consult professionals such as veterinarians and dog trainers using telephones and LINE about everyday troubles, so that pet owners can prevent serious diseases. Also, we provide preventive information via e-mail magazine to policy holders and our web media “anicom you”. In addition, aiming at improving customer satisfaction, we provide diverse services such us support service to find lost pets, an encyclopedia about animal health, nationwide complimentary services, and so on.

(5) Infrastructure business centered on prevention

▶Keywords #consultation with veterinarians #finding lost pets service #web media

In order to establish infrastructure business covering upstream (before birth) to downstream (before and after death), we try to develop businesses centered on prevention. Upstream; research on genes and breeding. Midstream; operation of animal hospitals, sales of medical records management system for animal hospitals and sales of gut microbiota measurement services for pets. Downstream; advanced medical treatment and so on. Also, focusing on utilization of big data, we conduct unique researches and businesses which only Anicom can do. By doing so, we aim at not only contributing to customer satisfaction and development of veterinary medicine, but also reduction of insurance payout. For instance, we publish “White Paper on Household Animals”, which is a report on illness statistics related to veterinary medical data derived from over 15 million insurance cases, and conduct studies assisted by AI.

(6) Research and development linked to prevention

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Aiming at establish a prevention-oriented insurance, we conduct researches and developments to decrease as much diseases as quickly as possible. Anicom Specialty Medical Institute does scientific and epidemiological researches with the latest research equipment and professionals. Also, we conduct joint researches with many companies and universities, and have published numerous treatises and conference presentations. In order to link these results to diagnosis, treatment and prevention, we conduct various researches and develop new businesses.

Our mission

Extend animal’s healthy lifespan by prevention, and enrich the emotional energy produced by animals.

In modern society, animals that live with us are not only "members of the family", but also bring spiritual richness just by being close to us, and give us great vitality for tomorrow. They are truly "power plant of the heart" for us. Anicom Group will pursue the happiness of all lives by creating a society in which animals, which are members of the family and power plants of the heart, can live in good health and happiness for a long time without injury or illness. By doing so, we human beings can be energized for a long time and contribute to the development of society.